Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Coupon Mania!

One of my old college roommates is really into coupons. I've always been a little wary but with the desire to save a buck or two here and three I've joined her. Wow, there are some crazy good blogs dedicated to getting as much as you can for the least amount of money. I found out about CVS dollars (in store credit you get for buying certain products) and lets just say who can say no to free toothpaste or razors. Another fun thing I found through one of these blogs is Ebates. This is a site that compiles all the rebates out three floating around on the web. Just for signing up they give you a ten dollar rebate once you make your first purchase. I ordered the 2008 Entertainment book for Salt Lake (these are the books chalked full of half off coupons and buy one frees for your area restaurants and entertainment venues). Obviously my area is to small to warrant it's own happenings book and I wasn't sure if they coupons would apply in the southern half of my state but I figured I'm going to be in Utah for almost three months this year anyway so why not have some fun while I'm there. The book is already half off since the year has started. Then I got a ten dollar rebate for making my first purchase and an extra six dollar rebate ebates was offering. So the whole thing is basically going to end up costing me a dollar. Here is the instructions if you are interested. If you sign up for ebates and give them my e-mail address as the referrer I get more rebates so keep that ceslade@gmail.com in mind :) Oh and here is the fun site where I found all these coupons and ideas.


Krystal said...

I get on coupon kicks every few months. .but that imommies site looks like it's good!
thanks for sharing!

Krystal said...

check out pinchingyourpennies.com they have TONS of tips on couponing and post all the deals of the week at local stores. It's AWESOME