Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Love Rebates!

I know stores do rebates because they figure people will forget about them and never get their money back but if you don't forget them they can be an awesome way to try all kinds of stuff for free! I LOVE REBATES! The site imommies is always posting new rebates. Here are two I just took advantage of. #1 circuit will let you order Epson 5 by 7'' story teller photo book creator, a 25 pack of 3M pot it adhesive photo paper, and a 25 pack off semi-gloss photo paper that once you factor in the rebates is all absolutely free. You have to buy by March 8th and you have to have the order shipped to your local store for pick up but it is an awesome deal. #2 fun rebate out there is from Noxzema. You can pick up one of their razors and they will reimburse you for up to three dollars. I also stumbled across a scotch tape rebate. If you buy their scotch tape runner they will reimburse you the price of the product. The only problem with this deal is though that you have to find a tape runner at the store that has the rebate on it. I was in the scrapbook section at Wal-mart looking for tape and just glanced up and saw the "Try it Free" sticker. Anyway here is to free stuff!


Candace said...

I love rebates too! Thanks for the info.

Jackie said...

Just got the freebies - wow thank you so much. I owe you one!