Tuesday, April 7, 2009

March Madness

March Madness has finally come to an end. Dr. J and I watched UNC tromp Michigan State last night in what I would have to say was some mighty sexy b-ball. Ok enough. I want to be cool like the guys on Dr. J's blog but man describing basketball with the word sexy, well that just seems wrong :) It was an interesting game for me though. It was four years ago that we watched UNC take down our beloved U of I team. I'll be honest, I cried off and on for two days after that game, and I will admit that I took joy in the fact that UNC underperformed in the last three tourments, but last night something changed for me. The first half of that game was like magic. The way they play, well it was incredible. Some of my good feelings probably came from the fact that I had UNC winning my braket. So here is to UNC on their newest National Championship, and here is to me and my braket! I finished out in the top 10 percent on yahoo and I only had one braket, unlike some people I know who had five or ten, hmmm. It didn't net me a million bucks and I was twelve picks off from the leader, but it sure was fun to beat out 90% of the other brakets! Maybe next year I can get up into the top 5 :)

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