Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rain Storm Rescue

I recently posted about a moment in my life where I wish I would have asked someone if they needed help. Here is one where I actually did the right thing:

Today it has been raining all day. Considering the state I live in, this is not an unusual occurrence. We get weeks of rain where the sun never shines and there is a constant drizzle. We get freezing rain in the winter that sticks to the ground and makes you feel like you are walking on marbles. We get torrential storms, often with dangerous winds, sometimes even tornadoes. It is a rainy place. One night, Dr. J and I were returning home from a movie. It was pouring and as we drove past a Pickadeli's we saw a man in motorized wheelchair stuck in a drive way, unable to get his scouter chair up to continue on his way. dr. J and I looked at each other and we turned the car around. dr. J jumped out to see if he could help the man. The man said, "If you can just push me up the driveway I'd appreciate it." At this point dr. j was soaked. He said, "Look, I can't leave you out here, let me take you somewhere." And thus began us trying to shove this guy and his scooter chair into our tiny lancer. It was a difficult feat. First we had to unhook our car seats which of course were latched in (any parent who has latch car seats knows what a pain that can be). Then we had to get this disabled guy, into the car. He suffered from some type of muscle weakness and was a little drunk, so the task took some time. Finally we were trying to figure out what to do with his chair. We didn't want to leave it out, but didn't see what choice we had. At this point a family in a big SUV pulled up to see if we could use some help. They had a full trunk but with some finagling we got their stuff into our trunk, the scouter chair into their trunk (although they had to leave the trunk open and a teenager had to hold the scooter in) and we all headed off to the guys house. We then had to repeat the process in reverse. At this point we were completely drenched. There was not a single wet part on either of us. Our hair was streaming, our underwear were clinging, and we were freezing. We got home and gave our very surprised babysitter some money before sending her on her way so we could take a warm shower and warm up. I know this will sound weird but to me it was one of the funnest dates we ever had. I'm so glad we didn't leave that guy out there in the rain. I'm so glad I have a hubby who is willing to try and take on a task like fitting a scouter chair in a lancer trunk when it is raining cats and dogs.

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Bruce Richards said...

Sounds like fun! Way to do the right thing.